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The most cost effective solution for pressed-in hardware for your specialized parts require specialized hardware insertion machines . In addition to metal fabrication, DMI provides hardware insertion services for captive nuts, studs, standoffs, and more.

Stainless Steel


DMI utilizes hardware insertion presses from Haeger to set clinch nuts and studs. We provide hardware solutions for your sheet metal parts. We have a variety of tooling to press all different kinds of fasteners

Cohesion between the part and the hardware inserted is the only way to ensure durability. One weak link in your product’s performance and other issues will arise. That’s why the hardware insertion process is so important. We make sure each piece of hardware and part is solidly aligned. We ensure our inserted hardware forms a tight, strong bond that can stand up to routine wear and tear without compromising performance. We can set many types of fasteners, including but not limited to:

  • Clinch Nuts

  • Threaded Studs

  • High-Strength Fasteners

  • Panel Fasteners

  • Specialty Technical Fasteners

  • Military-style rivets

Hardware Gallery


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